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Process and Courier Services

Policy NOT to accept pro se clients

Expedite makes decisions based upon the vision we have to make a positive impact in our community. We do this through making every step of our process verifiable, professional, and lawful. 

A Pro Se client is a person who is engaged in a law suit without the representation and counsel of a lawyer.

Expedite's experience with pro se clients leads us to believe that making ourselves available as a resource for the unrepresented simply gives that person another tool to pursue an unwise course of action.  

Furthermore, without the aid of counsel a pro se client often has trouble with appropriate expectations or fully understanding the complexities and nuance of their case. Sometimes this lack of understanding prompts a pro se client to ask Expedite's employees to practice law without a license, or demand access to our couriers in order to micro-manage the service attempts-- which leads to miscommunication and conflict in an already emotionally-charged situation for a potential client. 

We whole heartedly believe in the old adage, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." 

Expedite, therefore, cannot in good conscience aid an endeavor that does more harm than good for a potential client. 

 If you are currently unrepresented, please get a lawyer if you mean to pursue legal action. You are most likely wasting time, money, and energy on an unfruitful endeavor.