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Process and Courier Services

Skip-Tracing, People-Finding, Asset Location, and Judgment Enforcement

Expedite has earned a reputation for finding people that don't want to be found. 

If your case has hit a snag where you are having trouble locating a defendant or witness, let us step-in to help. 

Skip-Tracing: We have the tools to find leases and utilities in a person's name, their vehicle or license registrations, property ownership, and known associates or family members with whom your subject may be staying so your case can move forward. 

Asset Location: Once you have obtained a judgment against a defendant, we have the ability to locate bank accounts, financial holdings, property, and other resources your subject may be hiding. 

Post-Judgment Enforcement: You've got your judgment in-hand, now how do you convert that ink into assets? Expedite has experience in coordinating financial institutions, filings with clerks and register of deeds, and law enforcement into being your most effective tools in closing out an arduous process of asset recovery and transfer.

We are not in the business of physically recovering assets (like repossession and towing), but orchestrating all the facets of post-judgment management.